Saturday, September 8, 2012

Kimberley heritage sold out by 'conspiracy of deceit' | The Australian

Kimberley heritage sold out by 'conspiracy of deceit' | The Australian:
The lawyers have demanded Woodside be prosecuted for criminal acts of damage but their requests have fallen on deaf ears. An application for emergency protection has sat on the desk of federal Environment Minister Tony Burke for more than 12 months.

Since the company bulldozers first went in, under the protection of state police, a 12-month statute of limitations on prosecution for the initial alleged breaches of the Aboriginal Heritage Act has expired, without the State's investigation of the alleged breaches reaching a conclusion.

James Price Point is not another Hindmarsh Island, where accounts of secret Aboriginal business surfaced late in the day to derail a proposed development.

Documents prove that heritage values at James Price Point were identified long before the gas hub was first mooted.

October 10, 2011

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  1. Don't these two stories just speak volumns about the Woodside "TO's"
    Woodside and their "TO's" believe they don't have to answer to any law,white or black.