Thursday, September 13, 2012

Lack of gas costs Woodside - The West Australian

Lack of gas costs Woodside - The West Australian:

Woodside Petroleum's failure to discover enough gas for a second train at its Pluto operation could add $1 billion to the flagship asset's expansion cost because of the need to build extra LNG tanks.

The fallout from the exploration failure, which has instead forced the company to focus on striking a supply deal with rivals owning gas fields in the Carnarvon Basin, comes as Woodside looks for savings of its expansion plan by chopping the new train size from 4.3 million tonnes a year to 3mtpa.


  1. What a fiasco.
    More of the same.
    Untold corruption and destruction of priceless world heritage,and all for this.

    They could have built it anywhere,they would have been better off without it.

    This on top of the Sunrise fiasco today;

    East Timor's Petroleum Minister says his country will veto the development of a gas field jointly owned with Australia if a pipeline isn't built to his country.

    And the FMG scandal,why why why???

    And the new train will be smaller than Shell's FLNG.

    At 3mtpa, Pluto's future trains would be much smaller than the processing lines being construction at Chevron's Gorgon (5mtpa) and Wheatstone (4.45mtpa) developments and Inpex's Ichthys (4.2mtpa), and even below the proposed 3.6mtpa output of Royal Dutch Shell's industry-leading Prelude floating LNG operation.

    And now they are looking at this after Voelte announced they had enough gas to expand,why wasn't he prosecuted for missleading information?

    The foundation project includes two LNG tanks, enough to cater for extra trains provided the new gas is of similar heating value as the original Pluto supply. If not, Woodside might have to build extra tanks as part of an expansion.
    "The big question is whether you can use the same tank, and that is the billion-dollar decision, that is not cheap," Mr Coleman said.

    So that is where Pluto and Sunrise sit today,and they wan't to be trusted over JPP?



    Posting by Robin Chapple re Questions in Parliament.

    Last Night in Parliament I was able to identify that the Department of State development had misled the Annual Estimates Hearing by stating:

    The Department of State Development first became aware of the existence of the 1991 Department of Aboriginal Sites report in August 2010. This was a result of a "passing" reference made to it in a Kimberl...
    ey Land Council report to the Browse LNG Precinct Strategic Assessment.

    I tabled a File note on James Price Point dated 12/01/2009 from the Department of Indigenous Affairs to DSD in which it was advised of the same report.

    A Report of the Ethnographic Survey of Exploration Licence Applications E04/645, E04/646 & E04/647 in the West Kimberley. Draft only. June 1991. HSR WK 1991 KLC – 102072 Author- Kimberley Land Council Inc.

    DSD had this report a full year and a half before there stated answer to a Parliamentary Committee.