Monday, September 17, 2012

Doubt aired over Indigenous heritage laws - ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

Doubt aired over Indigenous heritage laws - ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation): The chairman of the National Native Title Council, Nolan Hunter, says that sends a clear message about where native title land stands in the mining sector.

"If there is a legislative framework that requires protection of Aboriginal heritage sites and it isn't enforced, what is the signal that sends about what people may hope to expect from getting proper heritage protection?" he said.

"It just means that the priority or the undervaluing of heritage in Western Australia is of a lesser interest compared to the broader interests of the community and ... it's not very appropriate given the State Government is currently reviewing the Aboriginal Heritage Act."


  1. Nolan Hunter is one of those bastards from the KLC who,despite all their research showing otherwise,are with Woodside in declaring "there is nothing at JPP."?
    The KLC has done more to undermine heritage than anyone else so why the f@#k is he whinging about it?


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