Sunday, August 12, 2012

Bottom line will decide future of Browse | Herald Sun

Bottom line will decide future of Browse | Herald Sun:

IN what is fast becoming one of Australia's most bitterly fought environmental campaigns, cold, hard cash - rather than conservation - is likely to determine the fate of Woodside Petroleum's multibillion-dollar Kimberley gas hub.

Members of  Goolarabooloo and Joseph Roe on board the Sea Shepard's Steve Irwin, off the coast of James Price Point,  Walmadan this week with Bob Brown.

As focus remains on the heated politics and mounting protests surrounding the proposed James Price Point site, 60km north of the West Australian coastal town of Broome, business analysts have quietly been crunching the numbers.

Woodside's ambition to build what could become the world's biggest LNG processing plant is not only questionable on economic grounds, they say, but damaging its brand.

Already facing a groundswell of local opposition based on indigenous, conservation and rising cost-of-living fears, anti-whaling group Sea Shepherd is set to up the ante in the anti-gas campaign by taking it global.


  1. They'll be lucky to get change from $60 billion,and the mega port plus add ons will put the dredging figures closer to 100 million cu mtrs than 34.
    Worked that out on the back of an envelope 4 years ago.
    Hows your math?