Thursday, August 2, 2012


2nd August at 22.30. For the first time in 12 months the Broome Community have successfully turned back a convoy of equipment heading to the Woodside compound on Manari Road. This evening a convoy of trucks carrying lighting equipment and a huge crane returned to yards in the town while protestors celebrated the power of community determination. The two people locked on earlier today released themselves after Police told them there was a tourist needing urgent medical treatment. But they were replaced by a turtle blocking the entrance to the Woodside compound on the side track off Manari Road. 2
Police have issued the person locked on to the turtle with a move on notice and cordoned off the area. Police specialists are expected on the scene as early as 6am. For more information contact Nik Wevers on 0417998598. For an idea of what the turtle looks like, check out the No Gas Facebook site on

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