Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Woodside Locked Out Country for 13 days now.

Woodside Convoy remains locked out of Country.

Only trucks and drivers - no Police.

Tegan still in tree-sit in front of convoy.

Barrel lock-on has a marquee over it and 3 Police working on the barrel to release Mathew.

Brendy roped to Gus on tree-sit near Barred Creek turnoff and Freya still on double mono poles just north of Quondong turnoff. No Police there. Goolarabooloo still at entrance of Woodside's compound.

The seven people arrested today and numerous move on notices issued. All arrested refuse bail conditions but a JP signed their bail conditions on their behalf. They are not to go within 40 kms of James Price Point and can not protest for 30 days.


  1. And the people who are actually from Broome cant use the road again either. Thanks FIFO hippie doll bludgers. and stop the graffiti of our roads and signs .WASTERS

    1. Ironic that you are worried about grafitti rather than destroying one of the most biodiverse and beautiful pieces of land this country has to offer. Being from Broome you are lucky to have this on your doorstep. If that gas hub goes ahead then you can kiss that area goodbye so what is a temp blockade will just become a permanent one and it will be ruined. The road blockades who are actually being created by "absolute heroes".. Yep I am an average joe person who has taken the time to get to know the story of that place, met the elders, met the cops, the woodside workers, the whales (that are breaching like crazy real close to shore everyday in huge numbers), more importantly met the activist you have labelled as hippy doll bludgers and I felt the need to respond to your message because I met a lot of those people and they are the most inspiring people I've ever met. From all walks, lawyers, trade workers, artists, scientists, biologists, the wealthy and sure some people on centrelink etc. These people are there protecting it for you, they have made that choice to protect this place for you and for everyone. Go out there, get to know the land, the people, the culture, the wildlife.. I double dare you! Buenas dias