Thursday, August 2, 2012

Woodside doing it hard at James Price Point

Broome Community No Gas Campaign

We have a lock-on. At 9:30 am this morning, a convoy of vehicles including 3 semi trailers, a 90 tonne crane, 1 fuel truck and 5 security vehicles has been held up by a community blockade south of James Price Point.

The convoy was headed for the site of the proposed Browse LNG facility near James Price Point near Broome.

Phillip Roe Goolarabooloo Law Boss stated " I will continue to fight for our country and culture, the WA Governement can change laws to suit themselves, Woodside can fight us with their millions of dollars, but we wont give up.


  1. Funny how your LAW BOSS is involved in several ground clearing operations in the Kimberly for mine sites. Hmmm smells more like not in my back yard

  2. There are a lot of local contractors who don't support this.
    Makes good sense for the locals to get as much work as possible.
    We get to keep an eye on what's going on and helps stop outside companies coming in.As anyone will tell you one of the downsides of a big project in your neighbourhood is when the bulk of the work is done a lot of them stick around and local business's go broke.Too many fish in a small pond.
    Helps minimise the overall destruction.