Wednesday, August 15, 2012

MEDIA UPDATE: 1:30pm August 15th

Traditional Owners block access to Woodside's compound at James Price Point

After this morning’s 8 arrests and 8 move on notices on Manari Rd near Broome, more community members have held up Woodside’s convoy of machinery or are blocking the road to prevent drilling for the proposed Browse Gas precinct at james Price Point.

Goolarabooloo men and women have set up camp, blocking the road into Woodside’s compound. The group have lit a fire and are carving traditional implements such as clapping sticks.

Goolarabooloo man Errol Roe said “On Tuesday we spoke to the police department, basically outlining the fact that all of the works going on are illegal in regards to this. Today is another step backwards for Woodside and the State Government in terms of their illegal destruction of our country. We, the Goolarabooloo and the Broome Community are making a statement to the global community about what is happening out here - and how it must stop.”

A young woman – Tegan Mossop - had secured herself onto the top of a tree on the side of Manari Rd, and has since been removed

South along Manari Rd, another man is secured to the top of a tree, which is attached to a barrel that two men are locked onto.

They are  positioned in such a way to block vehicular access. Currently there are 11 police vehicles monitoring the situation.

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