Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Goolarabooloo Law men Richard Hunter and Phillip Roe welcome Bob Brown and the Sea Shepard to Walmadan (James Price Point).



    President Obama, speaking at the annual “Chevron remembers Nagasaki” memorial service, today praised the US oil giant for its role “in helping all of us learn from history.”

    Speaking in San Fransisco moments before the crowd-pleasing pyrotechnic recreation of the 1944 blasts in Japan, Obama cited the role of the oil industry in working towards world peace since the dropping of the atom bombs — a first in human history — effectively ended World War II.

    Obama used the occasion to tout his “all of the above” energy policies, which support the continued development of the fossil fuel industries. “There is no other industry group more appropriate to help us commemorate this sobering moment in history.”

    He cited the following as fossil fuel industry achievements:
    ■The world’s forests are dying.
    ■The world’s oceans are acidifying, causing, among other things, the loss of the global coral reef system.
    ■Arctic ice has melted in such historic proportions that scientists now predict the Arctic will be completely free of all summer ice by 2030.
    ■The world’s food supply is — literally — drying up. Croatia, Italy, Russia, the US, and other countries have all recently reported massive disruptions in vital crop yields due to historic drought and heat.

    “And just this week,” added the President, “we learned that hundreds of thousands of fish — maybe millions — are turning up dead throughout the Midwest in rivers they were living in for thousands of years.”

    “Scientists are saying it’s due to the heat waves.”

    Mr. Obama, recently criticized by his Republican Presidential rival Mitt Romney for being ‘anti-oil’, seemed eager to use the occasion to lavish public praise on the achievements of the industry:

    “The bombs dropped over Japan 67 years ago may have obliterated two cities in the blink of an eye,” he said, “but the reach of the fossil fuel industry may even be greater than those 20 kilotons bombs. Whole ecosystems are collapsing now, due to the greenhouse gas emissions from oil, gas and coal technologies. Our needs for energy independence can’t simply ignore this, and we will continue to support the fossil fuel industry here at home — and around the world.”

    Environmentalists, meanwhile, protested outside the ceremony. Pulitzer Prize–winning author Chris Hedges wrote an article equating the 1944 bombings and today’s fossil fuel industries, saying both were examples of “moral idiots” in charge of complex and dangerous scientific technologies.

    Reached on his Presidential campaign bus, Republican hopeful Mitt Romney criticized the President for “cynically using the somber occasion of the Hiroshima and Nagasaki anniversaries to score cheap political points with the oil industry. He may try to cozy up to them — but the American people know who the real friend of big oil is — and that’s me.”

  2. The above satire refers to the mushroom cloud over California from the Chevron Richmond refinery fire.
    Chevron want our kids to have lessons in LNG - not kidding!

    Starting them young

    Thursday, 9 August 2012

    WITH growing calls to train more young Australians for the resources sector, Chevron has initiated a program to incorporate LNG-related study in Western Australian schools.

    "When you see the flash - jump under your desk."

    Perhaps Woodside could chip in some cash to make sure our kids can count?They could start by counting whales.

    "Those figures suggest 8600 whales would have been sighted in the migration corridor if observations had taken place around the clock," volunteer Charlotte Buckton said.

    The Woodside environmental report estimates that only 1000 whales will move through the corridor within 8km of the coast at James Price Point each season.

    Ouch,here comes Labour,showing their true colours.

    WA Labor Senator Glenn Sterle has attacked colleague Melissa Parke for "sticking her nose" into the James Price Point gas hub furore, saying their party had supported the project from the outset.

    Ms Parke, the Federal Labor MP for Fremantle, has visited Broome twice recently....

    Nasty Nasty. "Rita's letter" again,gotta hand it to the KLC mob - they sure know what turns them Rednecks on.Same thing everytime.

    Christine Milne says :

    Senator Siewert asked “Why has Colin Barnett been so quick to dismiss grave environmental concerns and yet so slow to produce any robust economic assessment into this extremely destructive scheme?

    “The local community is working hard to protect their home, the beautiful region that it’s in, and the whales that it shares it with.

    “We call on Woodside and its joint venture partners to recognise that the community has caught them out on the real cost of this project.”

    Too true,they still try and keep us in the dark!

    If Shell don't get moving they will be drilling in the dark.

    Shell announced last week that it is scaling back its drilling plans from five proposed wells in the Chukchi and Beaufort Seas to just two. Most of the company’s fleet is currently docked in Dutch Harbor, Alaska, awaiting the final go-ahead from Interior to begin drilling. Two vessels headed to the company’s prospect in the Chukchi late last week to prepare the site for the arrival of the drill ship Noble Discoverer.

    Under terms of its exploration permits from the Interior Department, Shell must cease operations by Sept. 24 in hydrocarbon-bearing zones in the Chukchi and by Oct. 31 in the Beaufort. Additionally, the company must shut down its rigs during the whale migration season.

    Liked that last bit,how considerate of them.

    Water Water Water.

    This precious resource should never be taken for granted.

    which shows groundwater demand is exceeding supply, particularly in agricultural zones. Not only is the oil and gas industry turning our rural areas into sacrifice zones, it is also diverting water that is needed to grow food.

    “Drilling and fracking is not only a threat to water quality — it also uses massive amounts of water, removing much of the water used from the water cycle altogether.

    “Unbelievably, even during horrendous drought conditions, oil and gas companies are able to continue using our freshwater resources.....