Friday, August 17, 2012

Woodside's convoy of drilling equipment enter illegal compound , after traditional owners are moved on by police.

photograph attached : Willy Watson in Woodside compound. Photograph by Damian Kelly
The Broome Community has vowed to stop Woodside's works as they are illegal, and will damage the Broome town water supply, after a convoy of Woodside vehicles entered the compound near James Price Point this morning.

Earlier today Goolarabooloo traditional owners were given move-on notices after occupying the access track to the compound for over 24 hours. Other

Goolarabooloo members have since re-entered the site via helicopter to monitor Woodside's works and recommence their cultural practices on their Songcycle path.

Police have reopened Manari Rd, after two protestors locked onto a cement filled barrel were removed from the road earlier this morning.

Yesterday Goolarabooloo Senior Law Boss Joseph Roe was prevented from travelling along Manari Rd by police, as he attempted to go to the drill site.

Woodside are planning to extract 35 million litres of water from the Broome Aquifer over 7 days, for testing. The Broome community relies on this aquifer for their domestic and commercial water use.

Phillip Roe says “Woodside's works are illegal, they have tried to compulsorily aquire this land because we did not give them permission, and we will keep challenging this destruction and Colin Barnett who wants to industrialise the Kimberley.”

Spokesperson Errol Roe: 0437810779


  1. on avgas comes from the ground. It time people realised that you can't expect everywhere else and everyone else in Australia to shoulder the burden of development while all of you in Broome benefit from the conveniences they provide. State mining and oil and gas development provides money for hospitals, schools, aged care, suicide prevention, roads, lights, mobile networks.WAKE UP it is time for Broome to contribute to this or give up their cars, air travel, mobiles, iPads, hospitals, schools, roads, boarder protection, police......


  3. Wrong again. The best option for the Kimberley's is to have 50mtpa at Prices Pt 60 kms from Broome and leave the rest of Kimberley's alone. There is more than one field and operator out there. But if you want a sprawl then stop this one......

  4. There will be no sprawl.
    You're wasting your time trying to breath life into the Don's failed career.
    He sucked all those pollies into his big mouth wank,and where is he at now?

  5. Potty mouth . I was hoping for a more informed response. But that is what I expect from you "soldiers" on the ground. You are only spoofed what you need to fight for others who want to sit at the table. You are clocking on and off every day just like the Woodside contractors. It's time you wake up and realise you work'n for da man.....but not getting paid....good luck with that

  6. The Don:

    At Woodside for nearly 8 years,the year he left he was on $9 million.

    The hot air from his yank mouth sure floated the share price up,but as people woke up - they crashed back down again.

    i will build a train every 2 years.
    he didn't finish 1.

    i will tap into the spirit of the pioneers that built the Pilbara,the TI's on the railways.....blah blah blah.

    i will finish jobs under budget and before time.

    When the JV partners on the NWS wouldn't sign off on another train he corrupted state governments to get one on the Burrup.

    JPP was chosen by Barnett only because he thought,and the Don,that it would be the quickest - just like Pluto.

    The Don pissed off the East Timorese to get his way up there,now it seems Sunrise belongs to E.T.
    Woodsides agreement expires early next year.

    His call on fraccing,and for that matter,Colemans call on US exports,will sink beneath the oceans of cheap tight gas going into their markets,and yes people will queue to buy the cheaper product.

    Ferguson gave leases to BP to drill in 5 klms of water in some of the worst sea conditions on the planet,off the Bight,when the Gulf of Mexico disaster hadn't been settled,and oil and gas companies admitted BOP's didn't work all of the time,and they didn't have a vehicle that could get down further than 1 klm - let alone 5.

    And this whole show is being run by a Premier who thinks WA is all flat,and water runs downhill from the Kimberley to Perth.

    So I guess your more informed responses fit right in with Woodside and co.

    1. Thought you might have said he built one at the NWS,but maybe there is nothing behind your rant other than some missplaced grievance against people who care about anything other than money.

  7. You need to relax. Go for a drive. Don't forget to get so fuel while you're out.

  8. No more new posts on main page. What's happening. No rants about Chevron sell down. You guys are lazy.

  9. Happy for you,now you can have a rest,try a bit of fishing at JPP,very relaxing.
    Now you believe JPP is a no go for the gas.

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