Thursday, August 16, 2012

Browse gas hub blockade continues

Browse gas hub blockade continues:
Freya and her support crew, at the mono pole last night, sending a powerful message to Woodside and the State Government that Enough is Enough
Protesters against Woodside's Browse gas hub project in Western Australia's Kimberley have dug in for a second day of blockading the company's equipment convoy.

The activists, including environmentalists and traditional owners, blocked Manari Road leading to James Price Point on Wednesday, causing several Woodside vehicles to be turned back to Broome.

Police subsequently arrested three men and four women after they failed to comply with move-on notices.

On Thursday, The Wilderness Society said eight Goolarabooloo people continued to block the road after setting up camp on Wednesday.

They were being supported by four community members who were blocking the road by attaching themselves to trees, eight metre-high poles and barrels filled with concrete.

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