Friday, February 18, 2011


Air, water and the earth is more than just physical components of the planet: they are all the scared elements, giving life to all terrestrial organisms, linking all life into a single matrix, joining the past, present and the future in a single flowing earthly orbit.

We, humans boast that we are in possession of intelligence, but what intelligent creature, knowing the critical roles of all these elements for all life on earth, would than proceed to deliberately and continuously pour toxic poisons into it?

We are all totally connected to these scared elements, so what ever we do to these elements, we do to ourselves. We know air, water and earth are life giving but we turn them into toxic dumps.

Only when we stop and use mother nature's gifts of the wind, the tide, and the sun, to power our indulgences, only then will we be able to claim that we have intelligence.


  1. Here we go again,more Gorgon cowboys.Even though the Chevron/Kellogg plans call for running away from storms ,it is feared the Master is under pressure not to dump the tow,placing the lives of the 11 crew in dire danger.
    Yes in Oz waters,near Dirk Hartog Island.

  2. There is no doubt about it the message that gas,especially Browse gas,is very dirty,needs to be drummed into the Feds.
    By the time it is out the ground,piped to the gas plant,refined,transported,piped again,transported again,and then burnt,it is as dirty as coal.
    And the poisons released are far worse.
    Here comes the carbon price bullshit.
    Record profits everywhere but they can't afford a super profits tax,can't afford a carbon tax.

  3. Dear Redhand,you wanted a story with a happy ending,well I can't give you that ,but so you know you are not alone:
    Monday night ABC 4 Corners,the Australian Fraccing disaster,multies goons and all,8.30 ABC 1.
    Sunday night SBS 1,9.30,BP Profits and Disasters.
    If I find any with happy endings I shall not hesitate to post!

  4. Have just transferred what we could afford to aid in Luke's defence. We encourage others to do the same.

  5. Ferguson again:Muckaty nuclear waste dump receives less scrutiny than a shopping centre car park.Gov trying to ram through bill before TO's(who don't want it)have their legal challenge heard.


  7. Yes Cuppa,we will be scraping up some dollars for Luke this week,and also for Joes legal fund,hopefully the god of bills will be good to us.

  8. "Baby Dolphins dying along oil soaked US coast"
    Wonder what is happening around the Montara oil spill area?

  9. "Study warns coral reefs could be gone by 2050"
    Don't suppose the psycho's are listening but...

  10. Well let the horse trading begin.
    A carbon price would add how much to this filthy project?
    Hoping there will be a happy ending in here for you Redhand.
    (Not to mention how it will blow any Oz reduction target)

  11. Voelte expects a quick exit.
    " again saying Browse could cost $50 billion..."

  12. Carbon price likely to be between $25 to $30 a tonne.
    For Browse that means around $800 million a year.
    Less whatever compo the Feds give them.
    There are serious engineering challenges at the site.
    The Feds have pulled up WA over Ord stage 2,and it could cost them 12-18 months delay,depending on the weather.
    Sloppy work and cut corners!
    Browse is even worse,they will be taken to task over this.
    The conditions on the site and the rigs,especially the production rig they want astride Scott Reef,will be very significant.
    Then there is the Heritage listing.
    Pluto $2 billion over,and the bad weather lately has cost them more than another month in delays.
    Gorgon is having a bad experience.
    As is Wheatstone in it's very early stage.
    There is very little,besides hot air,keeping this going!
    Looking at it quite calmly,I do not believe in it.
    And Shell are bailing out.
    As is Voelte.

  13. Exellent.. I agree.

  14. Wish I could have been there .. love the background song lol. U r awesome! xx

  15. "The Gulf oil spills toxic legacy".
    Back when the spill was on and the BP clean up gangs were putting up a show,Redhand wrote a piece about what was going to happen to the people and creatures of the Gulf.
    At the time some may have thought"more greenie nonsense".Just some beat up stuff to spoil the Woodside party.
    This well written piece explains that even Redhands worst nightmares pale against the awful truth coming out of the Gulf recently.
    And it is well worth remembering a few things here.
    1.BP is going into the Great Australian Bight to drill.
    2.Just how "well oiled" their cover up machine is.
    3.What is happening in the Gulf,is without a doubt happening in the areas off our north coast impacted by the Montara disaster.
    4.We in Broome and the Peninsular are being fed the same bullshit they have used everywhere else to get away with murder and destruction.
    5.BP are partners with Woodside.

  16. "Regulation is Lax for water from Gas Wells".NYT,Feb 26,2011.
    Once again the truth emerges to prove our worst nightmares are really quite tame when compared to what is actually happening.
    If you want a real eye opener onto the world of Fraccing,this article is it!

  17. Also a horrific 7 minute video goes with the article.

    An interactive map:Contamination.

    Graphic:Pulling gas from rock.

    Document reader:Waste.

    "...thousands of internal documents obtained by the NYT from the EPA,State Regulators and drillers show that the dangers to the environment and health are greater than previously understood."