Monday, February 28, 2011

Environmentalism is failing: radical social change is never respectable | Crikey

So we urgently need a new environmental radicalism; one built firmly on a full confrontation with climate science and its meaning; one that understands the need to defeat big carbon rather than seek a detente with it; one that resists pressure to conform to the prevailing political structure.

We need a new environmental radicalism made up of those willing to put their bodies on the line; because no one ever achieved radical social change by being respectable.

Environmentalism is failing: radical social change is never respectable | Crikey

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  1. Reduction of greenhouse gases is a must for us to survive on this planet.
    However if we don't halt population growth,any reduction in gases would be cancelled out by the destruction of resources by an ever growing population.
    We have all heard the row the multies and their supporters made over super profits tax.Now we have the hysteria over the carbon tax.Well that is nothing to the row that would go up over any move to reduce the population,even just by birth control and education.
    Tony Burke has won some praise recently for his stand on Alpine grazing.
    He also pulled up the WA gov.over their sloppy work on the Ord stage 2.
    But as we know his real test lies ahead,in July when the Greens will have the Senate ,he must deliver his verdict on James Price Point and the Kimberley.
    And lets face it,if he can't stand up to Ferguson and Voelte,then he can't stand up to anyone.
    He looks toothless,I wonder if he really is?
    Ferguson is proving to be the main one exerting pressure on the Fed and State ministers to achieve his goals.And he is employing all means both fair and foul.
    Does Burke have the balls to stand up to him?And for that matter does any one else?