Monday, February 28, 2011

"The Gulf oil spills toxic legacy".

Those BB's said...

Back when the spill was on and the BP clean up gangs were putting up a show, Redhand wrote a piece about what was going to happen to the people and creatures of the Gulf.
At the time some may have thought"more greenie nonsense".Just some beat up stuff to spoil the Woodside party.

This well written piece explains that even Redhands worst nightmares pale against the awful truth coming out of the Gulf recently.
And it is well worth remembering a few things here.

1. BP is going into the Great Australian Bight to drill.
2. Just how "well oiled" their cover up machine is.
3. What is happening in the Gulf,is without a doubt happening in the areas off our north coast impacted by the Montara disaster.
4. We in Broome and the Peninsular are being fed the same bullshit they have used everywhere else to get away with murder and destruction.
5. BP are partners with Woodside.


  1. To BB

    Thanks for all your information and I will be blogging more of your research in the coming days. Thanks again. Red

  2. Keep up the good work Redhand,you're the best,Cheers from the BB's.