Friday, February 4, 2011

Not In My Backyard & Not In Yours

Redhand has received emails from Department of State Development’s Director General, Anne Nolan’s stating

“The blog Hands off country claims my partner is employed by Woodside and oversee security in Broome. This is utterly without foundation and I request that you remove it immediately” Thank you Anne

and Gail McGowan, A/Director General, State Initiatives for the WA Government State Development requesting

“This statement is entirely without substance and I would ask that the reference is removed immediately”.

Just to refresh people’s minds about the offending bogged post, Redhand wrote:

Serious disturbing information has been brought to Redhand’s attention. It has been said that the Department of State Development Director General Anne Nolan’s partner is employed by Woodside to oversee their security arrangements in Broome. If this is true then there needs to be some very serious questions asked of Ms Nolan both by the public, the media and within the state parliament itself.

Mr Hay was appointed to the position of Assistant Director General, Security Planning and Coordination in July 2005 following periods in the positions of Assistant Director General, State Administration, and Assistant Director General, Public Sector Management.

Prior to that Mr Hay held the position of Assistant Under Treasurer at the Treasury Department. Mr Hay has over 25 years of experience in the public sector and in addition to the Treasury Department; he has been employed by the Department of Corrective Services and the Fremantle Port Authority.

Office of State Security

So yes, it is interesting times...

However, what is really disheartening about this episode is the fact that neither one of these senior departmental public servants had nothing to say about the other concerning issues that were raised in this particular post. Only when it was brought to their back door, did we see a reaction. If nothing else, this correspondence has assured Redhand that at least we have the higher echelons of this department’s attention, something the Broome Shire has not been able to achieve.

Meanwhile, this department remains completely unresponsive to our communities and this is clearly demonstrated with the fact that the Department of State Development still does not have an office operating within the township of Broome.

So here we are, in the middle of one of the largest strategic assessment undertaken within the nation and the WA government’s Department of State Development has no open door in which the community can: enter and engage with departmental staff, obtain information/reports, be assisted in understanding the assessment process and or some guidance in their responses to the Strategic Assessment Report (SAR).

The Department State Development has yet to set the dates for the three day Community Forum. This department had promise both the Broome Shire and other community representatives that am Expo type forum will be held sometime in Feb 2011, in order to assist the general public and local community members to have their say, increase their understanding of the process and be available to clarify issues raised within the Strategic Assessment Report (SAR).


  1. Red, I reckon you should have pulled the post in question. Your initial report was that Nolan's partner was the boss of woodside security.

    Turns out he is another public servant. Now he may have something to do with the whole thing but ...

    It's not backing down, it's a politically sensible thing to do from which you will gain more than you lose.

    This post will self destruct in 48 hours.