Wednesday, February 2, 2011


It’s no secret that noxious industries tend to stay away from wealthy, white, and suburban communities. Several studies have shown that polluting industries target low-income communities and, most notably, communities of color. It’s their game plan.

However, Broome and the communities of the Dampier Peninsula has built a permanent base of people power and this consolidated collaborating and vigorous community will continuously challenge and hold accountable any dominant institutional powers or multinational corporate who’s intentions are to devalue and undermine our collective sense of social, environmental and economic justice.

Broome and the Dampier Peninsula comprise individuals and communities that are respectful co creators of community and social welling life. We will not be subjected or treated like passive objects of decisions made by those wrecking local national and global havoc for self-enrichment.

The Broome and Damiper Peninsula communities will never issue the Social Licence to Operate to Woodside and the Joint Venture Partners to operate the proposed world's largest LNG refineries in our cultural, heritage and recreational areas. We will never allow our town or community to become subservient to a CO2 pumping, climate contributing and poisons emissions creating ogre.

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  1. "Rinehart rules rich list as fortunes soar."
    Poor things,no wonder they couldn't afford a super profits tax!
    Rineharts fortune has only increased by 7 BILLION and Twiggys by a measly 2.8 the last YEAR.
    Poor buggers must be starving.
    I guess billionaires need more infrastructure than the rest of us.