Friday, February 4, 2011

Greenhouse Gas emissions of Projected LNG Projects | Scott Ludlam

Greenhouse Gas emissions of Projected LNG Projects | Scott Ludlam


  1. Can't resist this one.Didn't the Feds just scrap the "carbon capture institute".Rudds grandstand project?
    So never mind the flood levy.
    Watch out for the WA "carbon leak"levy!
    Only applies to people earning under $50,000 a year.
    Gina and Twiggy are exempt.
    May cost Aboriginal jobs otherwise.

  2. Some interesting comments from an economist on"Droughts,Floods and Food".Paul Krugman,NYTimes.
    ...."what we're getting now is a first taste of the disruption,economic and political,that we'll face in a warming world.
    Ans given our failure on greenhouse gases,there will be much more,and much worse,to come."

  3. Just found a really good Magazine.

    It's called "D!SSENT"

    Some cracking articles.

    webpage is

    9 bucks in the newsagent. you might have to order it in.

  4. Dissent looked a bit tame,so had a look at The Monthly,they have a full on essay on Burrup Rockart and JPP.
    Democracy via Downpresser Man.
    As usual,depressing.
    A world run by psychopaths who can't stop burning poisons into the atmosphere.
    "Who gives a fuck,I'll die with more money than I'll ever need".Don Blankenship.
    And take the world with him.
    Don Voelte.Same breed.
    Reckon I'll spend my dollars and download some iTunes.

  5. Tame or complex?
    More than half the current issue directly addresses issues that are raised on this blog including stuff on voting, carbon price, nightmare scenarios for continued burning of fossil fuels, criticism of developers and urban and town planning.
    Will check the Monthly. That too is a fine magazine.

  6. No Chas you're right.Had a second look at it and I'm sure it is a fine magazine.
    That bloody article on the Burrup Rock Art really got me down I guess.
    The country north of here is so beautiful and to have this mob just barge in and want to turn it into a wasteland,it's enough to turn a saint to drink!
    Cheers,I'll check the newsagent.