Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Gas hub 'would destroy dinosaur prints' - The West Australian

Gas hub 'would destroy dinosaur prints' - The West Australian

In a earlier report:


The Australian Heritage Council recommended the site be included in a national heritage listing for the West Kimberley, late last year. What the Heritage Council have actually nominated is still unclear?

Why did the The West Australian have to apply under the Freedom of Information to obtain this information?

Why were these facts not included in the Strategic Assessment Reports.

Why didn’t the Department of State Development employ experts to undertake their studies instead of an ancient shark expert.

Why were the two reports undertaken by the DSD written by the same person, one under the WA Museum and the other under AECON?

These dinosaur footprints along the west coast of the Dampier Peninsula have great international and nation heritage value. If Australians were more aware of their existence and understood their heritage values, there would be a public outcry.

Redhand hopes that the following videos will give people a general idea and insight into the variety and scope of these heritage sites. Please take the time to read the following link to the WA Heritage Council for the Current Heritage Trails Listing for Lurujarri to gain a greater understanding of Marrala.


As a nation, we cannot allow Woodside to desecrate any more of our national heritage.

Woodside have already desecrated the oldest rock art in the world in the Burrup and they are now planning to destroy the world's best preserved dinosaurs footprints in the world.

Woodside is not a Good Corporate Citizen and the Broome and Damiper Peninsula communities will never issue the social licence to operate.

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