Sunday, February 13, 2011

In Australia, a Fight Over Aboriginal Lands -

In Australia, a Fight Over Aboriginal Lands -

Local, national and international this is a Campaign that will be successful. Its no longer about jobs, its about fresh air, water and retaining a community that people wish and can afford to live in. There is no job on a dead planet. James Price Point is the sign post of change.


  1. Wikileaks please have something for us.Where are we going?
    Ferguson in secret talks with India for Uranium sales.(see Bergman,he has lots of Uranium,going cheap!)
    Scott Ludlum:"I swear some days you can smell the Uranium on Martin Fergusons breath".
    We learnt recently Gina and Twiggy had only increased their personal wealth in the last year by $7billion and $3billion.
    The Business Council,which had a fit over the proposed Super Profits Tax,and rallied frantically to have it scrapped,have come out today and demanded the floods be paid for by reducing pensions.BHP is set to announce a $30billion profit.
    So who pays the price on carbon?
    No prize for guessing that one!
    Who will get all the compensation?
    No prize for that one either.
    And todays interesting contrast:
    Martin Pritchard on Kimberley Page re the latest report:
    an oil spill from JPP would cover 200klm of our coast very quickly,including Cable Beach.
    The DSD says:this report shows why JPP is the best location for the gas hub.
    No prize for guessing where the BCC and Broome Shire stand on this.
    They couldn't give a damn about Cable Beach or the Kimberley.
    Show us the MONEY.

    Look no further than this article.
    World energy demand likely to triple by 2050 ,compared to 2000 levels.
    A doubling in the use of coal by 2030.
    Gas from shale more than double than previously thought.
    Will help to bolster resources,might supply 16% of energy demand by 2030,compared with 11% in 2000.
    This includes so called biomass fuels such as wood burning.
    Not one mention of the effects on climate in the entire sickening article!

  3. And a little something to go with the Gorgon cowboys scandal:
    All predictable and more and worse to come.