Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Workers camp planned for Broome's outskirts - ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

Workers camp planned for Broome's outskirts - ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

The Broome Shire is seeking Public Comment for this proposal however, the link to the proposal is not available for the Broome Shire Web site.



Interesting, questions were raised at the Electors Meeting at the Broome Shire, By Nik Wevers

Question 2: “I note that the Strategic Infrastructure Assessment (SIA) is part of the Strategic Assessment Report (SAR) and the SIA will be an assessment by the StateGovernment which is also the proponent. Do you do two submissions?

The SIA Report section of the Strategic Assessment Report for the proposed LNG precinct says that the Broome Airport will not be moving and Council’s position has been for some time, that the airport will move within 15 years (this from 2005)? How do you explain this inconsistency and what will Council do about this?”

Answer – Chairperson: “This is an error in the SAR. Council has made submissions to Government on this and the vesting status is that it remains unvested. Protection of the site is vital and Council’s position is that the airport will need to move, and sooner than planned if noise becomes problematic. Council’s position has not changed.”

Question 4: “Kimberley Regional Planning Commission – Where will the Shire fit in with this?”

Answer 4 – Chairperson: “I am on this committee and this has not been a consideration by the committee at this stage.”

Answer 4 – Chief Executive Officer: “The Council’s 2005 Strategy identifies the new airport area. The Interim Five Year Strategic Plan to be presented to Council in February/March this year will look at these particular issues.”

Question 5: “I have questions regarding the location of the construction camp?”

Answer 5 - Chairperson: “An application may come to Council in a short timeframe
as there has been discussion about this site as it is one of the four sites being


  1. Does this now mean,beyond reasonable doubt,the proposal is now "a significant proposal"?
    Why has the ABC News link been taken down?
    Anything to do with the EDO/Joe Roe court case?

  2. Where the money goes,even in Australia it seems.
    Riches in Nigeria Lost After Arrival.

  3. And talking of the NT.

  4. That is a good question re Significant proposal.

    If the plan is along the lines of looking at what planning permission is required and generic type of issues then maybe not, but once costing and quantity surveying start happenning then maybe.

    I think the significance of the court case just gone is that very question.

    Hopefully the law will have a bit more clarity when the supreme court hands down its decision - or maybe it's going to the High Court - who knows...

  5. Looks as though Barnett will have his nest feathered and we will always have a continued Kimberly problem in, deaths, drugs, alcohol, violence, sexual abuse, you name it....why do we bother trying to fix something that is not going to go away or have any affect whilst the WA government keep contradicting itself, talk with dishonesty and show lack of duty of care towards the state and its members that they govern. Once again, 'Government influence' in problems. What a bunch of scrupulous and dishnonest politician we have running WA.

  6. Well we all said this was going to be the result of all the obscene rush and cut corners.
    "....yet another example of a multi billion dollar project employing cowboys on the cheap..."