Friday, March 1, 2013

AM - WA Liberals promise national park on re-election 01/03/2013

AM - WA Liberals promise national park on re-election 01/03/2013:
The Liberal Government in Western Australia has surprised environment groups by announcing a massive national park in the Kimberley as part of its re-election platform.

The Wanjina National Park, north-east of Derby would cover some 20,000 square kilometres, making it the nation's biggest.

The announcement ups the ante after Labor committed to expand the proposed Great Kimberley Marine Park, and create the Fitzroy River National Park.

Environment groups say that while they're delighted with the bidding war over protecting the Kimberley, they'll continue to campaign against gas hub development at James Price Point, north of Broome, a project still backed by both parties.

David Weber reports.

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