Saturday, March 2, 2013

Together, we're fighting for James Price Point | Scott Ludlam

Together, we're fighting for James Price Point | Scott Ludlam:
Compulsory acquisition means taking what is not yours without asking. That is compulsory acquisition. It is theft of land. If we want to believe that we have left these dark chapters in our history behind as we struggle towards a consensus among the Australian people that our Constitution-our foundation legal document-should acknowledge the existence of traditional custodians of this country, a very good place to start would be by avoiding repeating the horrendous mistakes and the dispossession of Aboriginal people from their traditional lands, starting on that beach at Wamadan at James Price Point.

I commend the campaigners, their supporters and their families who have given so much time and so much money. On this occasion, particularly I commend John Butler and Danielle, for putting their money where their mouths are, for putting their time on the line and for assembling the most extraordinary array of people and supporters that I have seen thus far in this campaign.

We will continue to turn up the temperature on this campaign until the government sees reason. I hope that, well before the forthcoming state election, we get a resolution to this issue to take the pressure off the people who are defending the extraordinary cultural and ecological values of James Price Point.

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