Thursday, March 7, 2013

EPBC Act environmental offsets policy

Australia's "patently weak" environmental laws should be toughened, not weakened in line with the demands of big business.

EPBC Act environmental offsets policy

The coal, gas/oil industries and the coal seam gas industry have minister Burke and governments dancing on a pull of their strings. In this current climate, in a year of elections you would think as a nation we would be strengthening and reenforcing our environmental and heritage laws. While people all over this nation are rallying to ensure the protection of  the environment against the hording invading international corporate barbarians and our government have very different plans.

Back in Dec 2012, the Prime Minister, Julia Gillard, was forced to tell business leaders that negotiations to strike handover deals with each of the states had hit legal complications and state processes that failed federal environmental standards. So what has changed in 3 months that they are now again planning to eradicating ''green tape'' and pushing these controversial plans to hand over environmental decision-making to the states.

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