Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Tear the beating heart out of many of us

Facebook entry, name with held.

THIS IS 2013, is it not? We are educated, are we not? We as a nation have said we are SORRY, have we not?

Australians all must hang their heads in shame if this 'State sanctioned' trajectory of violence is allowed to happen. Strong, loving and clear old women (like your mother and grandmas) and old men (like your dad), young families (like yours) whose only care their whole lives has been for their precious country, culture and community will be thrown in jail as CRIMINALS...because 'one man' (WA Premier Barnett) will not move heavy industry away from THEIR sacred burial grounds. 

I fear we are about to see here the most vicious, racist, violent disrespect perpetrated by State government and big business, in lockstep with State and Federal RIOT POLICE, whose aim will be to destroy the physical and spiritual past, present and future world of these caring fellow Australians...Get this! Purely for 'pre-investment decision surveying'. 

REMEMBER, these people are bound by Traditional Law to look after and protect their country and pass it on in good shape. To destroy the graves of their spiritual leaders is as good as a declaration of war, I and many believe. 

In Woodside's statement they say the process WILL be supervised by 'traditional owners', BUT, the traditional owners they have chosen, don't have any cultural knowledge of that country...and they know it. This is no time for word games, this is critical for this precious remaining jewel on the west-Kimberley coast.

They will have to tear the beating heart out of many of us before we allow that to happen. Draw a line good folks, and stand with the Goolarabooloo community, and those Jabbir-Jabbir people who are against the proposed gas hub, (and the pristine Kimberley coastline) by any peaceful energetic means you and your families can muster. What kind of future do you want for your country?