Saturday, March 2, 2013

Langton failed to disclose mining company funding

Langton failed to disclose mining company funding:

INDIGENOUS leader Marcia Langton delivered the 2012 Boyer Lecture series and spoke on the economic dependence of Aboriginal Australia. However, her research was partially funded by big mining companies. Santos contributed $45,000, Woodside $30,000, and the federal government's Indigenous Affairs Department $300,000.

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Scientist and former Australian of the year Tim Flannery, whom Professor Langton accused in one lecture of racism, said the lectures ''take on a different light'' since the big resource companies' contribution was highlighted by website Crikey.

Professor Flannery said the views expressed were consistent with those of the mining industry in their criticism of environmentalists and advocacy of indigenous development and mining expansion going hand in hand.

''This goes to the heart of the credibility of the Boyer Lecture series,'' he said. ''There should be requirements for disclosure of this sort of thing and they should be abided by.''

While detailed on the University of Melbourne website, where Professor Langton is foundation chair of Australian indigenous studies, the industry funding was not disclosed to listeners when the lectures were delivered in the ABC's Brisbane studios late last year, broadcast on Radio National or extracted in Fairfax Media.


  1. We were all thinking this at the time.
    Sadly predictable these days.

  2. Bergman,Langton and the rest of them?

    One day they will be caught out,maybe the tax evasion connection to Vanuatu and the "old relations" Carol Martin and the "Illegal Signers"were trying to set up.

    One day.

  3. Imported workers on 457 visas are being paid less, says Brendan O'Connor

    LABOR says the 457 visa program is driving down wages for Australian workers, despite its own reforms in 2009 requiring temporary skilled workers to be paid market rates.

    Immigration Minister Brendan O'Connor made the claim today, saying temporary skilled workers on 457 visas were working for less money than Australians.

    “There is a decrease in wages where there has been a saturation of 457s in a given occupation,” Mr O'Connor told Sky News.

    “Now if indeed there was a skills shortage, you wouldn't be seeing a significant decrease in wages at all. But we are seeing that clearly because there are abuses in place.”

    He added: “If you are willing to pay people less than you would have to pay a local worker, then of course people would take that option.”

    Mr O'Connor failed to provide evidence for the claim, saying his department was “getting further work done on this”.

    But he said, again without citing evidence, that there had been a “significant spike in abuse”, a “much higher level of complaint” by local workers and “a greater level of disquiet” over the conduct of businesses.

    “I am looking at trying to precisely estimate the proportion,” Mr O'Connor said.

    He said the government's 2009 changes to 457 visa rules, which required temporary skilled migrants to be paid market rather than minimum rates, had initially put a stop to rorts.

    “But I think what has happened since is people have been able to get around the system,” Mr O'Connor said.

    “So we need not only more information from employers to demonstrate that they are genuine skilled jobs ... but we also have to ensure that there are capacities for the department to collect information to substantiate the veracity of those claims where there are doubts about the applications,” he said.

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