Friday, March 22, 2013

Botanist questions thickets clearing - ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

Botanist questions thickets clearing - ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation):
The Department of Environment and Conservation (DEC) is investigating whether a transport company illegally bulldozed vegetation near the Broome Port.

Broome resident Louise Middleton says an area of land leased by Toll Mermaid has been recently cleared of monsoon vine thickets.

Weeks ago, the Commonwealth listed the thickets as endangered.

Ms Middleton says the clearing of native vegetation require a permit to clear and she has accused the company of acting illegally.

"You have to advertise to get a permit and ask for public comment," she said.

"That wasn't undertaken and according to the DEC website and my own investigation proves they do not have any native vegetation clearing permits."


  1. Anybody can Google "monsoon vine thickets broome",there are 131,000 results.

    The top answers are all by Environs Kimberley,a quick phone call could have settled it.

    Obviously Broome is no better than it was years ago with the "bulldozers on the sand dunes at midnight" scandals.

    The "shonkey brothers" may have departed Broome but the Shire and their mates,who always hired them,is still the Shire,and no shortage of shonkey operators to take their place either.


    The ECB may be at war with Cyprus....."Cyprus is facing a financial and social meltdown after the European Central Bank threatened to withdraw funding for its struggling banking system unless a new bailout deal is negotiated by Monday.

    The ECB's threat to cut off liquidity comes as Cypriot authorities imposed controls to stop money being transferred out of the island country once banks reopen after this week's shutdown.

    The withdrawal of the ECB's financial lifeline could cause Cyprus banks to collapse and raises the prospect the nation will be forced to leave the single euro currency to stem damage to other eurozone members."

    But the Kremlin isn't going to pass up an oportunity for Gazprom to make a major move into the Eastern Med.

    The Russians may loan Cyprus the billions they need in exchange for some very rich gas blocks.

    Same sort of deals they have done with old USSR states.

    Not sure how this will effect Woodsides plans if the deals proceed.


    Mining investment boom is over: economist

    The chief economist of BIS Shrapnel has warned the glory days of the mining boom are over.

    Speaking at a BIS forecasting conference in Perth, Frank Gelber says the mining investment boom is in 'orderly decline' which will continue throughout the decade.

    Mr Gelber says commodity prices will fall as new supply comes online, and to a level which he predicts will be too low to underwrite new projects.

    He says WA needs to start investing in non-mining businesses to fill the gap created by a fall in mining investment over the next decade.


    Strange days...continued...

    Millions of prawns wash up on Chilean beach

    Fishermen in the Coronel area, some 500 kilometres south of Santiago, began noticing something out of the ordinary at the beginning of the week.

    There were giant "red spots" appearing just off the shore, fishermen union president Juan Gutierrez said.

    By Tuesday, the red mass had moved to land: "Millions of prawns were stranded on the beach," Mr Gutierrez said.

    "I've been a fisherman 39 years and have never seen anything like it before."

    They are also working to determine conditions in the Coronel Bay, including its "temperature, electrical conductivity, and, especially, oxygen," environmental crimes investigator Victor Casanova told local media.

    So far, the cause of the event is unknown.

    Some fishermen are blaming a change in ocean currents, while others suggest the culprit is a local coal-fired thermoelectric plant that uses seawater as a coolant.

  2. hahaha your old mate Ferguson has pulled the pin.May he rot in hell.

    So who is left in Labour in Canberra now to back this stinking scheme?

    Gives Burke a bit more power now that hes gone.

  3. Monsson Vine Thicket clearing is a crime.

    Can the "Walmadan Warriors" please account for how much MVT they have cleared for their "camp" south of JPP.

    My estimate based on aerial imagery taken in Dec 2012 is around 7,300m2.

    That is clearing love letter from Tony "The Trawler Man" Burko.

    Shame Shame Shame... I thought you were there to protect the MVT. The end justifies the means does it???????

    I won't even go into the human output and dunny paper up there.

    Take a good look in your own backyard.

    1. "...should have gone to specsavers!"