Thursday, March 28, 2013

Court raises Aboriginal native title rort concerns

Court raises Aboriginal native title rort concerns:
 “I’m going to see the court controlling that and making sure whoever gets this money accounts for it publicly and transparently, because rorting this system has gone on through the community for much too long,” he said during the case.

“It’s time people realised that when they’re making native title applications they’re not doing it to feather their own nests, they’re doing it to benefit the whole of the group and the community is entitled to know what the money is and where it’s going, and I’m not going to have some secret deals done on the side that benefit particular people protected from public scrutiny and supervision by the court.”

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  1. I found it very strange that a few years back members of the pro gas TO group at the KLC were starting to talk about being Kopangers from Vanuatu and how they intended to visit as soon as they had the money.
    Then a year or so ago I read Carol Martin had visited Vanuatu to investigate this connection.
    If you bank your money on Vanuatu there is no tax.
    Well 1 + 1 always made 2 I reckon.