Friday, March 8, 2013

Broome community calls on Shell to protect burial grounds and to intervene to stop Woodside drilling works

The Australian head of Shell, Ann Pickard, is in Broome today.   Broome Community No Gas campaign is urging Shell to live up to its claims of environmental and social responsibility and intervene to prevent Woodside from drilling in an environmentally fragile and culturally important area.

Media release

The Broome Community are calling on Shell to intervene in Woodside’s planned drilling and excavation works which form part of its push to develop gas refineries at James Price Point on the Kimberley coast.

The plans have caused uproar in the Broome community because of the damage that would be caused to a fragile environment which includes an endangered threatened ecological community recently listed for protection by the Australian Government under federal environment laws[1]. The drilling area is also an Aboriginal burial ground which is full of culturally sensitive sites.   Both the Broome Community NO GAS Campaign and the Goolarabooloo family have written to Minister Burke asking him to use his powers under the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Heritage Protection Act 1984 to protect the planned drilling sites and the Song Cycle pathway that they are part of.

“We know Shell prefers the option of a floating platform to process gas offshore rather than destroying the Kimberley coast,” said Jan Lewis spokesperson for the Broome Community No Gas Campaign.
Woodside are planning to drill and excavate a sensitive coastal area as part of its investigations into building a port and marine facilities to export LNG from proposed refineries at James Price Point. 

“Woodside does not need to do this destructive work to inform a final investment decision, but they aren’t listening to the Broome community.  As we note that Shell claims to ‘meet the world's growing demand for energy in economically, environmentally and socially responsible ways’ [2]  we’re asking Shell to step in and encourage Woodside to do the right thing,” Ms Lewis said.
“Because we believe that destroying the dunes is neither environmentally nor socially responsible, the Broome community is gearing up to protect James Price Point from the drilling” said Ms Lewis.

Shell owns 24% of Woodside and has a 27% share in the Browse LNG Joint Venture which is exploring the option of building gas refineries at James Price Point to process its Browse Basin gas.

Shell’s preference for floating facilities has been frequently touted in the media by Australian head Ann Pickard and is supported as a less destructive option by the Broome community NO GAS campaign. .

Shell CEO Ann Pickard is in Broome today to launch a new ship that will service its Prelude gas fields where a floating platform will process 3.5 million tonnes per annum of LNG.
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Jan Lewis mobile no 0439 979 589                      Photo attached © Damian Kelly


  1. Recent comments by Chaney and Coleman have led me to believe they are both Dinosaurs.Colemans comments to Asian buyers are so out of touch,he reminds me of a "dozy Voelte."

    And Chaney is so far past his use by date he should be in a museum.

    The 2 stories are,"Clash over onshore gas future",and,"WOODSIDE Petroleum chief Peter Coleman says Asian LNG demand is strong enough to support Australian projects."

    The 2 stories are posted under REDs,"Woodside sees growing merit of CNG over LNG."

    This is what is really happening.(in a condensed form.)Un intelligent as it is!


    After loosing out here :

    KHOBAR/DUBAI: Royal Dutch Shell is set to pull out soon from a joint venture that has searched for gas in Saudi Arabia’s Empty Quarter for years, due to disagreements with the government over terms, four industry sources familiar with the matter said.

    Shell buying in here would kick things along :

    "HOUSTON, March 6 (Reuters) - Royal Dutch Shell Plc would be a good buyer for a stake in a Mozambique gas field, which sources say could fetch $4.5 billion, because of Shell's background in liquefied natural gas (LNG), the head of Mozambique's petroleum management body said on Wednesday."

    "Leading shareholders in offshore licences with huge feed-gas discoveries for the 50 million tonnes per annum Mozambique LNG project are involved in discussions about stake sales that could lead to transactions amounting to around $8 billion."

    Chaney and Coleman didn't read this :

    Royal Dutch Shell says it may be less than two years away from a major advance in shale gas production in China, bringing the Asian country closer to being the first outside of North America to cash in on technology that's transformed the U.S. energy industry.

    Exxon on Africa :

    ExxonMobil Chief Executive RexTillerson has given an upbeat assessment of LNG prospects in the East African country of Tanzania, with the feed-gas assets matching those held in Papua New Guinea where an ExxonMobil-led project comes on stream next year.

    Africa capital raising :

    It is a measure of the attractions of the global LNG industry that while nations such as Greece and Italy struggle to raise capital, a company that has never turned a profit can raise $830 million on the back of an LNG project plan in Tanzania, East Africa

    Africa :

    LNG forecasts to 2030 see Africa overtake Mideast in LNG exports

    LNG will contribute an increasing share of regional natural gas trade as production grows by 4.3 percent per annum and LNG’s share of global gas consumption rises to 15.5 percent by 2030.


    1. LNG forecasts to 2030 see Africa overtake Mideast in LNG exports

      That makes a nonsense out of Colemans comments that Africa will not play a part in global LNG trade until..."into the 2020's".

      Someones forecasts are way off and I'm betting it's Colemans.

  2. cont...

    The Canning Basin :

    Strat modeller sheds light on Canning mysteries
    Friday, 8 February 2013
    David Upton

    CSIRO’S world-leading stratigraphic modelling tool, Sedsim, has been put to work on the vast undrilled expanses of Western Australia’s Canning Basin to unlock its petroleum secrets.

    The Gulf of Mexico :

    The Panama Canal Authority has completed dredging to deepen and widen the navigational channels at the narrowest part of the waterway as part of its $5 billion expansion programme, enabling more LNG carriers to traverse from the Atlantic Basin to Asia and back.

    (and Russia is building a new "Ice class" of LNG carrier to navigate the northern sea route to export from Europe to Asia.)

    Canada :

    B.C.’s first-ever international conference showcasing the economic growth and jobs potential of the emerging liquefied natural gas (LNG) industry was a huge success announced Minister of Energy, Mines and Natural Gas Rich Coleman.

    Over 500 people attended the two-day “Fuelling the Future” conference to discuss B.C.’s LNG future. First Nations leaders, representatives from 25 B.C. communities, federal and provincial government officials, academics, and 192 companies spanning eight countries participated.

    The conference profiled B.C.’s advantages for the LNG industry including access to Asian markets, a competitive tax environment, regulatory certainty and a history of safe, responsible natural gas development that makes the province a reliable place to invest and conduct business.

    With five major LNG projects proposed by 2020, British Columbia is on the verge of becoming a global leader in natural gas production, generating thousands of jobs and one trillion dollars in economic activity over the next 30 years.

    Woodside have plenty of gas in the Eastern Med. :

    Noble Energy announced results from its second Leviathan appraisal well located in the Rachel license offshore Israel.

    The Leviathan #4 appraisal well was drilled to a total depth of 16,992 feet and encountered 454 net feet of natural gas pay in multiple intervals, the thickest net pay of any well drilled to date at Leviathan. Reservoir quality and the field-wide gas/water contact were confirmed at the well location and 240 feet of core were recovered. These results have enhanced the Company’s understanding of the reservoir, which has led to an increase in the estimated recoverable gross mean resources of the field to 18 trillion cubic feet (Tcf) with a range(1) of 15 to 21 Tcf.

    Charles D. Davidson, Noble Energy’s Chairman and CEO, commented, “The successful Leviathan #4 well has provided us with additional information to improve our knowledge of this enormous resource. Our teams are working with our partners and the Israeli government towards sanction of a domestic project at Leviathan this year.”

    Following operations at Leviathan #4 and pending partner approval, the Ensco 5006 rig will be relocated to the Karish prospect in the Alon C license offshore Israel. The Karish prospect has a pre-drill gross mean resource estimate of 3.0 Tcf with a range(1) of 2.3 to 3.6 Tcf and is expected to reach total depth in the second quarter.

    The negotiations between the partners in Leviathan and Woodside Petroleum are ongoing. The parties remain committed to the execution of the farmout agreement supporting the development of the Leviathan resources.

    (so this is going to be way bigger than Browse)

    All that cheap CNG...

    1. The negotiations between the partners in Leviathan and Woodside Petroleum are ongoing

      The Woodside share price dipped on Friday after fears emerged that the Woodside farmout had hit "regulatory hurdles".

      Woodside came out and downplayed the fears which saw the share price recover to a minor gain.

      Not hard to see how Woodsides high risk - bigger rewards strategy could very easilly come unstuck.

      Jittery investors,frayed nerves.

  3. If Ann is reading this,G'day and would just like to say we would love to have a FLNG with you any old time you like.


    Love from the West Kimberley.