Tuesday, March 19, 2013

No Dredging @ James Price Point/Protect Whale nursery & Migration Routes | causes.com

No Dredging @ James Price Point/Protect Whale nursery & Migration Routes | causes.com:
No Dredging @ JAMES Price Point,,,,,,The West Australian Government & Woodside Energy Ltd propose to build the second largest gas plant in the world, in the world's largest whale migration corridor, off Western Australia's Kimberley coast. James Price Point is one of the largest nursery grounds...


  1. An Abbott government in Canberra,the "Northern Foodbowl",Barnett will follow the lead from Cape York and the Territory,we will be over run by foreign food companies on top of everything else.We can all then just kiss our ass goodbye.It was nice while it lasted.But the Kimberley was doomed from the moment Highway 1 was sealed,back in 1986.Of course the reason they want to rip it all up is to provide job opportunities for Indigenous folk,and God help anyone who gets in the way of that.LOL.


    Cape York to be Qld's new food bowl

    THE Queensland government will open up Cape York to large-scale farming for the first time.

    The move comes amid a push by some for World Heritage listing for the cape.

    The Newman government will introduce amendments to the former Beattie government's Vegetation Management Act in parliament on Wednesday.

    The move to relax land clearing laws will allow citrus farms, broadacre grain growing and the construction of dams, The Australian reports.

    It's part of a strategy to increase employment opportunities for indigenous communities on Cape York and the Gulf of Carpentaria, the newspaper says.

    Deputy Premier Jeff Seeney says it will also help the government deliver on a promise to double food production in Queensland by 2040.

    Mr Seeney told the paper mango orchards, grain growing and other "high value agricultural" operations had been earmarked.

    "It is not going to be open slather," he said.

    The newspaper says the move will dovetail into the federal opposition's strategy to develop a "northern food bowl" with the easing of land use restrictions in the Northern Territory.

    Under the plan, native vegetation - which is protected - will be able to be cleared in areas identified under a regional plan for agricultural use depending on soil quality, access to water and environmental importance.

    The paper says major agricultural companies are in discussions with the state government over plans for Cape York.

    The Newman government is pursuing a raft of changes that will affect Cape York.

    The government is also moving to scrap the controversial Wild Rivers laws and lift mining exploration restrictions on the cape.


    The new Pope has called for more respect for the environment.

  2. So after all the usual crap from Barnett and Woodside about,"..this doesn't effect the deal",NOW it turns out it does.

    Otherwise why attempt to scuttle it.

    The judge will hand down his decision on April 8th.

    Doesn't leave much time for either party to appeal.

  3. Reeks of desperation.They know they will lose.The judge will see right through their ploy.Joe Roe will have his win in court,at last.

  4. Russia: Gazprom Approves Vladivostok LNG Construction Plans

    Alexey Miller, Chairman of the Gazprom Management Committee held a meeting at the company’s headquarters regarding the Vladivostok-LNG project.

    “The meeting participants discussed, in particular, creation of a resource base for the LNG plant near Vladivostok over a long-term period. Special attention was also paid to the information on the potential capacity of the Asia-Pacific markets for Russian liquefied natural gas sales,” Gazprom said in a statement.

    “Based on the meeting results the approval was given to the Action Plan for the LNG plant construction project and the Work Plan for establishing the project’s resource base,” Gazprom added.

    In February 2013 the Vladivostok-LNG project entered the investment stage – Gazprom’s Management Committee approved the Investment Rationale for the LNG plant construction near Vladivostok.

    The project envisages building an LNG plant on the Lomonosov Peninsula (Perevoznaya Bay). The plant will have three process trains with the annual capacity of 5 million tons of LNG each.

    The first process train will be put onstream in 2018. Gas from the Sakhalin gas production center as well as the Yakutia and Irkutsk centers will serve as the resource base. The target markets are represented by the Asia-Pacific countries.


    Interesting to note that as the crow flies distances from Vladivostok.

    Tokyo = 1,000 klms.

    Southern tip of South Korea = 1,000 klms.

    Beijing = 1,400 klms.

    Closest Chinese border = 70 klms (approx).

    South Korean border 600 klms.

    Closest Japanese city,(there are several in the arc),Akita = 800 klms.

    No doubt in the future Russia will just pipe the gas into Japan direct from their gas fields.Into China and South Korea too.