Saturday, October 25, 2008

13 days to write your submission to NDT – Help - Urgent

There are 17 days left for you to make your submission to the NDT on the Northern Development Taskforce Site Evaluation Report

BY POST -It must be there by 5.00pm on the 11th November. Now we assume that means delivered, so anyone who lives on the Dampier Peninsula or Gourdon Bay will need to wait for the mail run or drive into Broome to post the submission at the Post Office, that could be up to 200km on a mostly dirt road. But that’s ok you do it all the time. Let’s say 4 days from Broome Post Office to the NDT in Perth. That means it has to be posted on Friday 7th November. You have thirteen days to write your submission. We also assume that submissions must be in the form of text on paper, it would be helpful if we could, fax, send disks or other forms of digital storage, film and so on. Please, if you know people who don’t have access to the internet, “bring them over and tell them what’s going on.” Quote Blu eye

BY EMAIL you have 17 days - send to

Here are the guidelines and where to send your submission. From
Guidelines on preparing a submission
To help the Taskforce analyse your submission:
• Provide a summary of your point or points at the beginning of the submission
• Refer your point or points to the appropriate section of the Site Evaluation Report or recommendations in the Report
• Attach any factual information you wish to provide and give details of the source
All submissions will be treated as public documents, unless marked ‘Confidential’. Non-confidential content in submissions may be quoted in the Taskforce’s final report.

When making a submission remember to include:

• Your name
• Your address
• Your email address
• The date
• Whether you want your submission to be confidential.

All submissions received will be acknowledged.

Submissions should be sent to:
Site Evaluation Submissions
Northern Development Taskforce
Department of Industry and Resources
100 Plain Street
East Perth WA 6004
Alternatively, submissions can be emailed to:
Submissions must be received by 5.00pm, Tuesday 11 November.


  1. We are more than perturbed about the ridiculous 28 day timeframe for this period of public comment. The first day was taken up by the launch, press conference and Premier Barnett’s preference, from Perth. No consideration has been given to the people that this decision affects the most, that they might actually have an opinion. They may well have been consulted. But now they have an opportunity to comment on the proposal in their own way and for the public record. Perhaps Carol Martin and Colin Barnett don’t care about what people think. We do. So any effort made to assist people would be much appreciated.

  2. We didn’t mention that the Report’s 12 appendices alone total approximately 1500 pages. How many months of research and people and money and meetings did it take to get to this point? And now we have public comment for a period of days?

  3. It is an outrageous timeframe but in good faith we must submit – can we afford not to?