Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Hey Carol, where do you go camping with your kids?

Carol Martin has suggested that her preferred site for a Gas hub is James Price Point. Please tell me where you go camping with your kids Carol.

My favourite place is James Price Point.

How dare you promote this place as a site for industrialisation. This is my families (and many other Broome people) favourite spot for a weekend camp.

We can go snorkelling, fishing, crabbing, sightseeing and just walking along the best beach in the world.

The high red Pindan cliffs streatch for miles with huge tides that either fill the bay with beautifull turquois waters that wash against the cream and black sands or expose reefs of corals that equal the best in the world!

Yes, you may gather I am passionate about this area. I AM!

Leave it alone.


  1. Fabulous photo! May the beauty and magic of this part of country be as we see it now, for all people, always, forever.
    Go you Hubcaps!! Go red hand.