Thursday, October 30, 2008

Save the Kimberley Petition

A petition has been drawn up for everyone to sign. It is directed to the WA Legislative council and can be signed by those who .......oppose the development of a LNG processing hub, its associated infrastructure and industries on any part of the Kimberley Coast........
It also states........
We ask the Legislative Council to support further research into the Kimberley’s ecosystems.
We ask the State Government of Western Australia to nominate the Kimberley Region for World Heritage listing...............

You can get a copy from the following link
Please print out copies and get as many signatures as possible in your area.
Also send it around the country to help save our beautiful backyard.
The hard copy petitions need to be posted back to the address on the document. (as an indication, over 150 signatures were collected in just a few hours at last saturday morning's Broome's Courthouse Markets!)

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