Sunday, October 26, 2008

We found Jo and Bill Mackie from Rosewood in Queensland camping at Middle Lagoon. This is their first visit to the Kimberley. We talk to them about a potential gas plant on Dampier Peninsula.

- INTERVIEW TEXT -Date & Location : Saturday 20 October 2008, 4.22pm, Middle Lagoon - Dampier Peninsula - Western Australia
INTERVIEWER Good morning and thanks for agreeing to talk with us. And I’m just inquiring what your names are and where you’re from?
JO MACKIE We’re Billy and Jo Mackie and we’re from Rosewood which is between Brisbane and Toowoomba in Queensland.
INTERVIEWER Fantastic. Have you been to the Kimberleys before?
JO MACKIE No, this is our first time.
INTERVIEWER What do you think of the Dampier Peninsula?
JO MACKIE It’s beautiful. We were saying that we have been on the Queensland coastline, this is far more beautiful. It’s not as touristy. Doesn’t seem to be as developed as much. So it’s just beautiful, it’s just natural.
INTERVIEWER Do you understand that the State Government is proposing a site about 10 kilometres from here to build a LNG gas processing plant?
INTERVIEWER How do you think that will affect the tourism industry or how will it affect local communities along this coast?
JO MACKIE I think it will be a real shame to see something like that put in such a beautiful natural spot like this. To having something sticking up in the sky there, places. I just think it would ruin it. It really would.
INTERVIEWER Are you aware that this area is very famous as a whale nursery
BILLY MACKIE I never. We weren’t aware of that
INTERVIEWER It’s a major nursery breeding ground, for whales, humpback whales and you can actually see that on
INTERVIEWER The processing plant, how do you think that’s going to affect the environment?
BILLY MACKIE It will be really bad for the environment
BILLY MACKIE I mean, even like these big conglomerates and all this say they never pollute the environment but you can see it already is everywhere in the world where they have a lot of pollution pipelines going out into the sea even influence seeping out into the sea and things like that even though they say that they never pollute. I always think that they always will you know. It’s all hush hush. It’s really bad for the environment. Yeah. Especially a beautiful place like this. Like now. You know. Yeah.
INTERVIEWER And as far as global warming goes, how do you think, do you think that this gas plant is the answer to global warming? They’re saying that gas is cleaner.
JO MACKIE Definitely not. I don’t think. I think anything else would contribute to global warming it’s still going to contribute, it’s not going to take away the problem that’s there at the moment..
INTERVIEWER And would you like to come back to the Kimberleys?
JO MACKIE Yes, definitely
BILLY MACKIE Yes, definitely
INTERVIEWER And if you did come back how would you like to find it?
JO MACKIE Still the same as it. Unspoilt and you know, clean. Yeah.

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