Friday, October 17, 2008

Why Gourdon Bay

Gourdon Bay is south of Broome and a beautiful bay. The Northern Development Taskforce Site Selection panel have recommended Gourdon Bay as a possible site for the LNG gas hub to quote:
“......Gourdon Bay
Though this site is significantly technically constrained and economically challenging,
it is broadly supported as potentially one of the more benign sites for net
environmental impacts subject to further studies on the potential habitat and flight
pathways for migratory birds (given that Gourdon Bay is situated between two
Ramsar wetland sites). Development would impact on the pearling, fishing and local
Aboriginal communities and would present significant pressures and challenges on
the tourism infrastructure and the character of Broome as a tourism destination.
It is recommended this site be subject to the hub design concept study,
heritage studies and regional impact studies and considered for a LNG hub....”
See big size of the map at Gourdon Bay Map
See and hear what the people say who live here on the recent 4 Corners program ‘Bran Nue Deal’ at 4 CORNERS .

look at this picture : PIC 1

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