Friday, October 17, 2008

What will happen to Middle Lagoon?

So what will happen to Midlagun, over the last few years referred to as Middle Lagoon by new comers and tourists? Premier Barnett’s preference is the for the LNG gas hub to be located right next door at North Head. He very carefully didn’t mention Middle Lagoon at his press conference.
Thousands of Visitors from further than Broome, Bunbury, Burnie, Blackwater, Bendigo, Bundaberg and beyond have come to enjoy one of Broome’s premier and favoured tourist destinations. Take a look at the map An LNG hub next door, it’s outrageous. Instead of the sweet and salty smell of the coral reef on the receding tide we’ll have the ghastly odour of ammonia menacing the breeze, yes a hub means an ammonia plant.
And if you’ve enjoyed the mudcrabs from Tappers Inlet and wandering the mangrove mud, fishing and shelling, that will disappear too.

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