Friday, October 17, 2008

What does an LNG gas hub mean?

We must imagine what it will be like to live next door to an LNG gas hub, what will the horizon look like, perfect starry clear nights will nights of the past never to be seen again. The smell will be terrible. Imagine the impact on the very few people who live here,for the thousands of visitors we welcome every year, care and love for country will be damaged for ever.
The Northern Development Taskforce Site Evaluation report Part A indicates that consultants recommend that “a 950 hectare site be identified for a hub which would allow for
up to 10 gas trains (50 -70 Mtpa LNG), a gas to liquids plant and an ammonia plant.
In addition to the industrial land area, the site would need to offer appropriate buffer
zones between the plant and other areas of occupation. The hub will require
additional land for an airstrip should it be located away from existing infrastructure,
and worker accommodation, work camps and associated areas may be sited outside
of the hub industrial precinct to integrate better with local area planning.....”
Who knows how much extra land will be needed outside of the hub area to accommodate people, services and an airport? Perhaps double that size? This question must be answered now.

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  1. if you want to see what a gas plant looks like see the video at