Monday, October 27, 2008

Global Message Reinforces Our Stance

Blueye reckons this is a must see Doco on the health of Mother Earth and why it is imperative that the Gas Hub must never be built on the Kimberley Coast.
There are only 5 remaining Wilderness places in the World and the Kimberley is one of them. This is an opportunity for the Kimberley Community to make a stand and that we will no longer tolerate the dirty business that is the Resource sector.
We will not jump aboard the thundering roadtrain that the Politicians and Big Business would like us to and believe that there are many other opportunities for the Kimberley to embrace that would make us leaders in the Alternative Energy field with no need to steal country off people and create real economies with real jobs for the real people in this country .
Keep Tuned for further information!!!!!!

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