Friday, October 17, 2008

Barnett will take the land

Yesterday’s edition (16/10/8) of the Broome Advertiser published the following letter in the Opinion page:
“WA PREMIER Colin Barnett in my opinion based on his public attack on the Kimberley Land Council over the Inpex decision is simply playing a well=established race card played by all WA politicians in WA: “kick the blacks”.
The WA Premier’s total disregard for statutory obligations and due process, and the facts of the various interests’ roles in the Inpex Maret Island proposal, hopefully is not a sign of things to come from the State Government.
I recall Save the Kimberley group, Environs Kimberley, Federal Minister Peter Garrett, media identity George Negus, the Kimberley Land Council and the then-WA Government, Derby/West Kimberley and Broome Shire Councils all having a role, yet the Premier chose to single out and attack Kimberley Aboriginal people for stopping the Inpex development.
Premier Barnett, are you advocating that resource development should occur anywhere without the necessary environmental approvals, community stakeholders’ input, and non-compliance with Australian Law, in this case the Native Title Act, and other prescribed regulations?
May I remind you that we live in different times – it’s 2008 not 1968 – and even Aboriginal people have rights protected by Australian common law in 2008. Martin Sibosado Broome”.....end
And yesterday Premier Barnett did exactly that. The Northern Development Taskforce site selection panel report was released but Mr Barnett went further he said North Head was his preference. No consultation, no advice that he’d review the next phase of this grindingly slow process, a strategic assessment which should include advice from EPA (State) DEWHA (Commonwealth) the State will take the land.


  1. Well Done! We will not go down without a fight. Hopefully the world will get behind us to preserve this unique and devastingly beautiful land for future generations and people will realise that there is more to making a fast buck!

  2. Please please people dont forget that this is not only for the indigenous people we are fighting for but for the whole of aust so that everyone can continue to enjoy the vast pristine and wilderness of the kimberley. so everyone sharpen your pencils and write to barnett or better still to peter garrett. buring beds song should be played back to garrett to remind him of what he used to sing about.