Saturday, November 15, 2008

Beagle Bay Blockade 10th Nov 2008

Albert Wiggan on behalf of major stakeholders: Stolen Generation, Beagle Bay Community Residents, Leaseholders and residents greeted the Department of Indigenous Affairs representatives (standing under the tree beside the road) and Northern Development Taskforce representatives, Duncan Ord and Gail McGowan with a refusal to enter Beagle Bay.

Albert Wiggan: "We don't want to engage in any decision making process until we have generated our own governance."

The meeting then went on to talk about an understanding of how the community can be represented so that the people can be heard. Concerns about Western Australia's Premier Colin Barnett's public preference for North Head over the Northern Development Taskforce site evaluation process were also discussed.

This meeting at Beagle Bay went for a few hours, the video of just over 10 minutes has been split into 4 parts.

All video on Hands off country is unedited.
Over time we will have each video transcribed. Further videos will become available of the other meetings held on the Dampier Peninsula this week. Downloading takes some time so thanks for your patience.

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