Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Eyes of the world on the Kimberley

Part of media release “A star is born in the Kimberley as $2.2million tourism campaign takes off” yesterday ..........

“Tourism Minister Liz Constable today launched a major tourism campaign inspired by Baz Luhrmann’s upcoming feature film ‘Australia’.

Dr Constable said the campaign, which would include cinema, print, online advertisements and in-flight television, would draw on the highly anticipated movie to bring significant tourism benefits to Western Australia.

“The State Government, through Tourism WA, is undertaking a $2.2million marketing and public relations campaign across Australia and around the globe,” she said.

“When the film is released later this month, there is no doubt the eyes of the world will be on WA and the Kimberley, where many of the scenes were shot.

“We want to make sure that movie-goers who are inspired to visit the region know that it’s actually WA’s stunning landscapes and outback adventure they’re longing for.

“That’s why the campaign positions the Kimberley area of WA as the ‘real star’ of Australia.”

And at www.westernaustralia.com tourism marketing promotes ‘fall in love with the Kimberley – Australia the movie’

Redhand is delighted that the eyes of the world will be on the Kimberley during this tourism marketing campaign. Can this be the same government that wants to allow extraordinary environmental destruction in the same area?

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  1. Hopefully future film-makers can use the same panoramic lenses as current film-makers and not have to use a narrower focus to exclude the Gas flares, huge gas tanks and square miles of pipework to get a nice shot of the Kimberley.
    Although we are often inconvenienced by film-making (I had to do a 10km detour today to get around a film shoot)I much prefer the film-making industry to the destruction that heavy industry would bring.