Thursday, November 13, 2008

The Tower Story

This Banner greeted Colin Barnett at North Head, when he flew over last weekend; it was mounted on the fence that surrounds a tower that was erected on North Point very recently.
Apparently,Traditional Owners clearance was given for it to be erected, however this land is not determined under Native Title. Leaseholders, Kevin & Mary Kitchener were never approached, consulted or informed about it.

They found out about it by chance, three days after it was assembled, after hearing talk that the local contractors employed to do this job had an accident. Their bull-bar detach from its holdings causing the car to roll several times when returning home from the site. Fortunately, no one was killed.

Mary Kitchener and her grand daughter speak about the recently constructed tower at North Head, one of the proposed gas hub sites and the importance of this country to their family.
Interviewer I’m standing next to Mary Kitchener, who is the traditional owner of North Head. Mary has requested that we do not show her face but she is more than willing to talk. Mary, tell me where your country is.

Mary Kitchener We were there for a long time now and. they put a tower up there with us not knowing

Interviewer When did they put this tower up

Mary Kitchener About 3 weeks ago or something..I think so

Interviewer Tell me Mary you heard that the premier Barnett has said that he prefers North Head for his gas plant. What’s your feelings about this?

Mary Kitchener We don’t want it there. Like our children want to go there and have picnics and outings out there.

Interviewer It’s your teaching ground as well as fishing ground, it’s everything for you isn’t it. I mean I don’t want to be putting words into your mouth Mary but how do you feel about this blockade today and locking the NDT out of Beagle Bay and out of country? Do you think it’s a good move?

Mary Kitchener Yeah, it’s all right…this is my granddaughter

Interviewer What is your name?

Jackie McKenzie Jackie McKenzie

Interviewer And Jackie I understand your Mary’s daughter?

Jackie McKenzie Granddaughter

Interviewer Would you like to say a few things about North Head and how they’re putting the gas out there

Jackie McKenzie Well I don’t want it done. That’s just it. Because we always go camping, fishing, always make good use of that land, we don’t have anything up there but that’s our land still and my grandmother out of anyone that I know makes good use of that land anytime she can..and it’s wrong what they did without them knowing building that tower
Interviewer I understand that the people who actually put that tower up had an accident – is that true?
Jackie McKenzie I’m not sure..oh yeah a couple of boys they did
Interviewer And how do you feel about the blockade today?
Jackie McKenzie It’s a good idea I think – only thing we can do..and like
everyone’s support like yours, and the media and everyone else, well that’s good.

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