Sunday, November 16, 2008

No public notice for Dampier Peninsula Northern Development Taskforce meetings.

Redhand queries why there was NO PUBLIC NOTICE of the public meetings held by the Northern Development Taskforce representatives at Beagle Bay, Middle Lagoon, Lombadina and Djarindjin on the Dampier Peninsula last week 10th and 11th November, 2008? Why was the Broome public meeting the only one that was advertised?

Notice that it is advertised as an LNG precinct not a gas hub.

photo: Broome, Northern Development Taskforce Public Meeting notice in the 6th November, 2008 edition of the Broome Advertiser.

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  1. "Genocide is the attempt to destroy a people,a culture.The first act was the dispossession of aboriginal people of their land.The second act was the dispossession of Aboriginal people of their children.
    The Land was stolen.the children were stolen.what is the third act going to be?"
    by Sir Ronald Wilson

    The third act will encompass act one and two,but the new wave conquerors will perpetuate industrialisation for the corporate sector at the cost of all indigenous hopes,dreams and aspirations.It is farcical that the government will spend many thousands to engage consultants and millions (NT intervention)when they have full control)but spend nothing on supporting autonomy for indigenous peoples well being and in fact they were always in control,especially the "failed communities"which needed to be intervened.I have witnessed consultants on the Dampier Peninsula that engaged the people.they forced us to go to Broome to meet with them.We struggled to find $30.00 dollars for fuel in the tank and we could not even buy something to eat.At the same time they were celebrating the new $30,000.00 swimming pool which a contractor had built in their backyard.
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