Monday, November 10, 2008

Beagle Bay Blockade Why

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  1. Albert's idea for indigenous people to create their own infrastructure and businesses according to their own conscience is a noble and courageous plan. It is work like this that should be supported not faceless, massive projects like the LNG plant which works on the idea that the wealth will trickle down. It doesn't happen. This kind of supply side economics failed in America causing big gaps between the rich and the poor not to mention the devastating destruction of the environment. The personal spirit we all have tells us this development is wrong but it is justified on the basis that it will be useful for our society ie cheap energy. Well, we've tried living according to social usefulness or materialism and it hasn't made us happy because no matter how many cool things we make and then buy it's never enough, we're still not happy. So please, for God's sake, when it comes to the Kimberley, let's try something new, let's listen to our spirit. You never know, being part of protecting the Kimberly and visiting it just might make you happy.