Monday, November 3, 2008

Rumoured meetings

Is the Northern Development Taskforce planning to meet in Beagle Bay and at Middle Lagoon next week?

If so:
When and where?

Who is the Northern Development Taskforce meeting with?

What is the purpose and the agenda of these meetings?

Are any approvals being sought for drilling or other access?

Are all of the relevant stakeholders being invited including Beagle Bay Community, Leaseholders, Aboriginal Lands Trust, Kimberley Land Council, Native Title Claimants, Traditional Owners, Department of Indigenous Affairs, Department of Environment and Conservation, Indigenous Co ordination Centre, and the Broome Shire?

What is the Department of Indigenous Affairs’ role in these meetings?

What is the Department of Environment and Conservation’s role in these meetings?

Are these open meetings?
What is the relationship between these meetings and the Northern Development Taskforce Site Evaluation reports’ request for public comment closing 5.00pm Tuesday 11th November?
Photo: looking south towards North Head.

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