Sunday, November 9, 2008

MEDIA RELEASE Albert Wiggan Beagle Bay

Media Release

The time has come, Indigenous people on the Dampier Peninsular have had enough of being dictated to. The Northern Development Taskforce will be met with the full force of country and people united in a blockade refusing them entry into country, Beagle Bay.

This blockade is saying:
No, NDT, you will not come into our country seeking permission to poke your drilling holes into it; you will not take our land or sea, kill our culture and destroy our past, future and present heritage.

Saying sorry is no longer good enough if you keep doing the things you say you are sorry about. Great, the whole nation experienced the warm fuzzy feelings but the reality on the ground in 2008 is that we are still being invaded, still subjected to unjust and unfair laws, still having country taken from us and still our people are being pushed off their lands.

The government is saying we need jobs, but this is our job, to look after country, to protect it, teach our children how to live, learn and grow in this country, this is our job, and we are very good at it. Most of the world is either drying or gone, but our country is still a living breathing connection that lives within us, that makes the blood move through our bodies.

We still have fresh air, you can still catch a fish for a feed, you can walk and go everywhere in our country free without money, without fear of life, you can enjoy and replenish your soul and build strength in mind and body. The whole world is welcome to come and enjoy country, but you will never be made welcome by country and people if you wish to destroy it.

We will not sell our country or our birth rights for money, when we already hold all the true and real wealth in our hands, in our lands and in our very beings.

Albert Wiggan
0488 009 752


  1. Yeaaa Albert, good one. I miss you guys i wish be there and help all of you.

    Ciao ciao


  2. Go Go Beagle Bay... I would love to be there and help youuuuuu!!! Se ya soon guys.