Saturday, November 15, 2008

Beagle Bay Blockade 2

Discussing the fate of Beagle Bay.

All video on Hands off country is unedited.
Over time we will have each video transcribed. Further videos will become available of the other meetings held on the Dampier Peninsula this week. Downloading takes some time so thanks for your patience.

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  1. Memorials by K.Gilbert
    "Our history is carved
    in the heart of the country
    our milestone memorials
    named Slaughter House creek
    the Coniston Massacre,Death
    Gully and Durranurrijah
    the place on the clifftops called
    Massacre Leap
    where the mouth of the valley
    filled up with
    our murdered dead bodies
    the place where the blood flowed
    the river ran red
    all the way to the sea..."