Thursday, November 13, 2008

Kevin George Speaking at NDT's meeting in Djarindjin Community

Interviewer Well Mr Kevin thankyou very much for agreeing to this interview. Kevin can you tell me what community you’re on and what’s
your feeling about the LNG gas plant proposed for the Kimberley Coast?

Kevin George Yeah look firstly I live at an outstation we refer to it as. It’s a country that I belong to I believe, not that it belongs to me it belongs to my grandparents from my grandfathers side and so there’s a whole heap of us that come from there. With that that gives me a sense of pride or ownership if you like that there’s some land anywhere that I could call my own. Wth that any development or proposal of development I believe firstly in my own heart is very wrong. Any disturbance there I feel that I’m getting one finger taken out as somebody digs in my country so that I think is the general perception of all our people that live here. By the way I’m a Bard person and that’s the feeling I get from all my people. With the gas proposal I cannot see any of our people really benefiting from it. It’s all about destruction of country, any development is destruction like I said and with that that’s all it will be for us. It’s change of lifestyle which we don’t want to scramble to if you like..We don’t want to change our lifestyle. We certainly want to have better food on the table, or different types of food and medication and power and all that..We believe we can get work elsewhere not from the work that’s promised that our people would be getting through this gas expedition..Now that’s just something that’s way off out of wack with what I think, very unfruitful very much words of lies if you like and for me country’s more important than any proposal or suggestion that might lead to me thinking – its all crap – that I would get a job at the end of it or my kids or my people.

Interviewer Kevin, KLC are not here today – what’s your impression of that?

Kevin George I’m bewildered in a sense. We, as you might have heard me say one time ago earlier on that KLC has got our full endorsement as our representative body on land issues. With that I haven’t been informed of why they’re not here. I’m sure they probably have a good reason but I would love to know why they’re not here so that’ll be my comment for now thanks.

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