Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Red hand aims for direct non-violent creative action

Redhand welcomes all comments. However, comments should be concise, with relevant information that focuses specifically on the topic for discussion. Comments that are derogatory toward the blogger,individual people or those which may potentially incite racial hatred or violence or are defamatory will not be published.

Red hand is a direct non-violent creative blog which aims to educate and inform people about the potential of a gas hub on the Kimberley coast. Red hand endeavours to give a voice to the people, who the gas hub will directly affect or who have limited access to being heard, by using unedited live interviews.


  1. Well hooray for consistency. Do as i say not as i do.
    Your very first blog stated..We will not give away the Kimberley without a fight... You then stated when you created a banner that was derogatory to an individual....Red Hand takes the argument to Carol Martin's front door. We will not give up on the Kimberley without a fight....Sounds like ....Comments that are derogatory toward the blogger,individual people or those which may potentially incite racial hatred or violence ....to me! Maybe Redhand needs a censorship board as well.

  2. blueye agrees with redhand on this one.
    some people are missing the point, yes we take action ,generally humourous,on direct comments made by politicians,re the gashub.It is not in our, or the best interests of the planet to make comment on "off the cuff" remarks made by local council members from week old news because it creates unnecessary wedges in small communities.this thing is sooo huge that enlightenment through education is the only way, and briging people on board is the key.and the creators of this blog do have a right to say what they feel works and what doesnt.Peace and respect to you anonymous.

  3. OK. I agree on one of your points. The aim of the blog is to bring on board support for a cause. Support comes from all walks of life with different opinions. The creators of the blog have the ability to censor any and all of the material on it. They can allow person A to be denigrated and person B not to be. Local Shire members are just local government (eg Graeme Cambell)and state government members can be locals as well. (eg Carol Martin)They are all elected by the people for the people. (local people)
    So to allow one to be criticized for their stance on the Gas Hub and one not to be, is very unethical.Graeme Cambell has called some of the gas hubs opponents actions as 'un-Broomelike' on two occasions now, and to not allow supporters of the cause the ability to criticize him for his attitude on this Blog is unethical. Yes we are a small community trying to spread our word. Irrational actions on this blog only drives wedges between people with the same cause.

  4. This is blueyes last comment on this particular matter.lets get this straight,barnett and martin have made direct media statements about THE GAS, the councillors comment was about the gas opponents actions not his stance on the GAS HUB.there is a BIG difference.the councillor has not given his opinion on the GAS so we dont know and anyway there is more important stuff happening like what are the meetings next week about?.Also there are plenty of other ways to get your voice heard.Peace and respect to you anonymous

  5. Point acted on Blu eye.
    Peace and respect to you as well.
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