Friday, April 12, 2013

AM - Woodside massive Browse Basin gas venture on hold 12/04/2013

AM - Woodside massive Browse Basin gas venture on hold 12/04/2013:
TONY EASTLEY: AM has been told that oil and gas producer, Woodside Petroleum, plans to abandon its proposed gas processing hub at James Price point north of Broome in Western Australia.

The company is expected to make an announcement to the stock exchange this morning. Woodside refused to comment when contacted by AM.

There's been staunch, broad opposition to the $45 billion Browse project from environmentalists, residents and businesses as well as some traditional owners.


  1. But there has been far more support than opposition. The fear of being victimized by the bullying protestors has kept that support muffled.

  2. I agree. These people had no respect for the law, local residents, needs of indigenous people or any opinion different to their own.

  3. Yeah those bullying protesters...all those 'scarey' people with banners. Broome gas lovers can suck eggs

    1. Broome doesn't celebrate you idiot! People who EARN a living in Broome are mourning. It doesn't matter to all the dole bludgers who will move on to another "professional appointment" paid for by those of us who work for what we have instead of waiting for the hand out. Problem is you took away the opportunity for many indigenous people to gain some dignity by moving away from hand outs.