Monday, April 8, 2013

First Uranium mine in WA may mean 40 uranium mines by 2030 | The Stringer

First Uranium mine in WA may mean 40 uranium mines by 2030 | The Stringer:

 “Uranium should stay in the ground. It can hurt our Country, the environment, our people, our children, our children’s children,” said Mr Cooke.

The Native Title Act is set up in such a way that both parties must enter into ‘good faith’ negotiations and hopefully come to a mutually beneficial deal within six months. If this fails you can count on the mining still going ahead. You can also count on the National Native Title Tribunal in granting the various licences required by the resource company and you can count on the Office of the Registrar of Aboriginal Corporations to stand idly by.


  1. Kimberley wins over a new fan.

    Kimberley beauty enthralls Ewan McGregor

    Acclaimed actor Ewan McGregor has seemingly fallen in love with the Kimberley.

    McGregor took the weekend off to fly north and soak in the spectacular scenery along the Gibb River Road.

    The 42-year-old, in WA for filming of the low-budget heist thriller Son of a Gun, described the landscape as “amazing,” “beautiful” and “unbelievable.”

    He took to Twitter to post pictures of his adventures, including a flight over the Kimberley with lucky Slingair pilot, Alex Ament.

    “Taking a weekend trip up in beautiful Western Australia. Unbelievable. Pics to follow. X,” he said.

    “Thanks Alex for flying us back to Kununurra. Top pilot! Amazing landscape.”

  2. Uranium ETF offers exposure to uranium mining companies worldwide, with the vast majority of mined uranium being used in the nuclear energy industry.